Build Professional Relationships
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Professional Relationships

Having Professional Relationships are important to have in life; they can improve your work, build bridges between colleagues, and even improve your health. There are many types of work relationships that you can have:
  • Co-Worker
  • Team-Member
  • Mentor
  • Manager
  • All of these types of professional relationships can better yourself within the workplace along with colleagues; by having a relationship between another, you can do your job a lot easier. You can talk to them easier and even ask for favors, if you have their back, they will have yours.

    How to Build Professional Relationships

  • Introduce yourself! Stand out and talk to other people; go to social events and get to know more people.

  • After properly introducing yourself, increase the trust and respect the others have for you; don't be afraid to ask for assistance in areas you aren't familiar with, this could build a new relationship.

  • If you asked for help or a favor, do the same in return! This can properly demonstrate exchange of help on a professional level.

  • Do watch the way you word your speech when talking to others; be responsible for your own actions and always look for opportunities to improve your skills and experiences.

  • Avoid immature behavior/actions that way diminish your reputation; have your work ethics be an example to others. Always think of your actions before acting, being too friendly may drop your guard and you can slip up.
  • Tips to be successful

  • Build your skills in communication.
  • Think about what kind of relationships you want to establish.
  • Make time to make the relationships.
  • Be thankful to them.
  • Don't be negative.
  • Manage your boundaries, don't bring personal issues into the work place.
  • Avoid gossiping; this is unprofessional.
  • Listen attentively when your colleagues talk.